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European Residential Program Accommodation and Facilities

European Residential Program

European Residential Program Andorra with CE Jenlai 


Would you like to showcase your abilities in Europe? Would you like your talents to be evaluated by a professional European coach? Florida Lions is pleased to announce a partnership with CE Jenlai from Andorra. CE Jenlai is a second division professional team. It competes not only on the second division but also on the National cup with a potential spot to Pre Champions League. In addition to national competitions CE Jenlai is exposed to competitions and partnerships for placement of its players in other european countries such as UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium etc... We all have seen the success of several American, South American, Asian, and African players in Europe and consequently they were able to further their career and fulfill their dreams of playing overseas.


The purpose for the Program is to provide an opportunity for players participating on the residential program to be identified in Europe and get signed by CE Jenlai First Team or affiliate team partners. The Program will have CE Jenlai coaches identifying players abilities for its First Team and recommendation for the affiliate clubs.


Our Residential Program offers 1 Month, 3 months, 5 Months or 10 month experience.

After initial evaluation, players will be invited to be rostered on the B Team and being coached and evaluated by Team staff on a weekly basis.

Players of the B Team, will participate in friendly matches regularly with Andorran Teams from First and Second Division, as well as International Friendlies with teams that are affiliated with CE Jenlai and Florida Lions. Some of the locations are listed below but are not limited to those locations.

Date: Please Contact CE Jenlai staff for entry date details.
Location: Andorra

Cost: Cost varies according to the program + Airfare

Cost includes meals, housing, games, transportation, staff, and in some cases education (5 and 10 month programs)

Age: 16+ ​​

Additional items:

  • Register as Teams (Contact Florida Lions Staff)

  • Open to ages 16+

  • Individual Registration permitted

  • 4 sessions

  • Traning sessions and matches

  • Florida Lions and CE Jenlai Staff

  • Please note that up to 3 months stay Andorra does not require a VISA for certain countries. 

  • 5 and 10 Month Programs will require a Visa either a Professional Visa or a Student Visa.

  • CE Jenlai and Florida Lions will have options for Education for those programs.

  • Must have a valid Passport


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