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High School

In the High School ANSEP program, you will have the opportunity to spend a year living one of the best experiences of your life, in addition to investing in your international education, personal growth, the opportunity to make friends with people from other parts of the world, semi-professional training and compete for scholarships at the best American universities.

Study, train, learn English, stay with a host family, in student accommodation, whatever you prefer. Our options are celebrated, so you can choose the school system that best matches your needs and study goals.

Our school year programs are:

High School + ESL:

For teenagers who are attending High School in Brazil, but want to upgrade their curriculum and do something more, live something more and stand out.
This course encompasses one year of American high school, along with English classes according to the level of each student, to make the experience as rich as possible and to make the most of your exchange.

High School + ESL + Sport:

Like the High School with ESL program, it encompasses American high school and English as a second language to give that necessary reinforcement, but this program is aimed at students who practice sports and want to improve, train with American coaches to evolve to the point to apply for scholarships at the best American colleges.

College +ESL:

If you've already finished High School, you still don't know what course to take, or you want to take a year off, like the famous “gap year” to dedicate yourself to English and sports to improve your performance and apply for scholarships at American colleges? then this course is for you. In addition to English classes, it offers credits for you to use later, when you enter the much-dreamed American college, which will help you save money, time and money once you reach your goal.

Semi-professional + ESL:

Sport opens wide the doors of opportunities. If you practice a sport, finished high school, and want to improve yourself, evolve training with American coaches, with intense training, having opportunities to show yourself to universities and get the dreamed scholarship in American colleges, then this course is for you . It mixes sport and English, which after all is essential for entering universities.




High School + ESL / High School + ESL + Sports / College / Semi Professional


24 - 48 Weeks.  


depends on the course 




Homestay (Family house) Some courses offers other options as apartments (shared or private), hotels, studios etc 


Basic to advanced. 

Minimum age:

16 years 


Soccer / Futsal / Basket / Football / Jiu-jitsu / Volley / Footvolley / ”Futmesa” 

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